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Hair Keratin Treatment - Bio Caviar

USD 90

Item code: 40000036

Brand: Rancy Beauty for Cosmetics

Reconstruct, repair, moisturize, and protect damaged hair. BIO Caviar treatment contains keratin to eliminate frizz, reduce volume, and leave the hair straight up to 4 months
SIZE | 1000 ml

 Bio Caviar treatment it reconstructs, repairs, moisturise and protects damaged hair.

Keratin eliminates fizz, reduce volume, leaves hair straight and repairs damage from the environment.

Effective Keratin inside are excellent moisturise with great rejuvenating and regenerating qualities.

This unique formula will bring back the natural strength and shine that the hair loses over the years and because of chemicals treatments, sun light and pollution.

This product does not Contain Formaldehyde.

The treatment can be used on all types of hair and lasts for up to 6 months.